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Building Trust With Your Customers 0

Posted on November 04, 2011 by admin

Who can you trust?  That’s a tough question.  In business, we all want the answer to be ME.  Trust, or some variant, should be a concern of every service center owner, service manager or service advisor.  Things like: professional image, reputation, standing in the community, credibility – sound familiar?

These all attest to the gap in the public’s perception of the automotive service and repair industry and the reality you strive towards every day.  First of all, you’re starting out behind the 8 ball.  Right or wrong, a first-time customer is not going to walk through your door full of trust in them.  There are just too many cultural biases that have to be overcome before trust happens.  But it’s critically important to keep in mind that the customer desperately wants to trust them.

Automotive technology is dangerously close to wizardry, and the typical consumer has very little practical understanding of how it all works and what’s involved in fixing it or keeping it running smoothly.  They get anxious when they know they’re putting themselves at the mercy of someone with superior knowledge and skill.

All they know is that a repair bill can very easily become a budget buster and they hope they’re not being taken advantage of – but they’ve been culturally conditioned to suspect that they are.  Help your customer trust you.

The WURTH Service Reception Program is designed to do just that.  Using simple, easy to understand tools to assist you in educating the customer so that they better understand what needs to be done to their vehicle. This empowers their automotive decision making.  Trust in you has already taken a big step forward.

Earning Money With The Service Reception Program

In addition to building trust and retaining customers, using Service Reception increases your turnover up to 100%, since it also optimizes service shop utilization. We all know that many vehicles that enter our shops have parts with significant wear, such as tires, brakes, belts, hoses, A/C, lighting, or wipers to name a few. With that in mind, a simple warranty appointment could lead to extra income on top of the scheduled service as well as increasing your CSI scores.

The WURTH Service Reception Program gives you the tools you need to do it right, including product trainings for A/C service, vehicle conditioning, compliant wheel weights, fuel injection system cleaning and wiper blades, as well as marketing materials that include posters, brochures for your customers and samples.

To learn more about how WURTH Service Reception can help you, call 800-987-8487, email or visit

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