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Refillable Spray Bottles = Big Savings for Your Auto Shop 0

Posted on April 29, 2011 by admin

If you’re still using regular aerosol cans in your auto shops and facilities, you’re missing out on a chance to save a lot of money and seriously cut down on your carbon footprint by switching to refillable spray bottles.

Why refillable spray bottles? Because they allow you to pay far less for product, save space, and there’s less disposal – not to mention cutting back on the greenhouse gases emitted by aerosols.

You can see the savings if you compare traditional aerosol cans to their refillable counterparts. Say, for example your shop uses 1,800 14 oz. cans annually at $2.29 a can. In a year, you would have spent $4122 on 197 gallons of liquid aerosol. But if you were to purchase 10 refillable bottles at $45 each and bulk 55 gallon drums at $599 each, that same amount of product would have only cost you $2595.

Refillable spray bottles are also earth-friendly. The amount of aerosol auto products dumped into landfills each year is immeasurable, considering a single shop could use hundreds or even thousands per year. Not to mention the damage caused by carbon dioxide, propane and butane, which are greenhouses gases commonly used in aerosol propellants.

There are two basic types of refillable spray bottles. The first is a metal bottle that sprays your product using compressed air.  The second is a plastic bottle that you hand pump. Although they’re both an improvement over regular aerosol cans, systems like the WURTH REFILLomat offer the best of both worlds. You get the look, feel, and pressure of an aerosol can for a lot less money, with no dangerous propellants.

WURTH REFILLomatREFILLomat looks like an ordinary aerosol can, but gets refilled with a tool that charges the “can” with 400ml of product (active ingredient), and propellant (compressed air) in 7 seconds flat. The best part is there are no cans to dispose of when you need more product – you simply re-fill the can.

For more information on REFILLomat or other green auto shop products, visit

Factoring Labor Costs When Ordering C-Parts 0

Posted on April 19, 2011 by Mark Perleberg

As a business owner, you need to continually look for new ways to increase revenue, while reducing expenditures. Business 101, simple mathematic equations! Or is it? If Company A can sell me a can of rust remover for $10.00, and Company B for $13.00. It’s seems clear that if my goal is to save money by reducing my fixed cost, Company A is the obvious choice. True or False?

The correct answer is if A and B are the exact product, then obviously Company B is 30% higher in cost. But, if the products are not the exact same brand, you need to test them first. If you use twice the product from company A vs. Company B, then in reality, even though the unit cost is higher at the time of purchase, your net expense will be less because you will use less product in the long run. In addition, the cost of the product is pale in comparison to the cost of labor.

And if you’ve ever wrestled with a rusty bolt, you know first hand, the better the product, the quicker the job is complete. So the old phrase, “Time is Money”, is seldom explained by Company A. Take a lubricant like ROST-OFF, for example. Spending a little more up-front not only saves time in the end, it saves money. You simply use less and get more. It’s designed to get underneath rust or moisture, and contains an OMC2 additive which smoothes metal surfaces, getting you the best lubrication possible. While less expensive products contain solid lubricants, ROST-OFF will not separate in larger containers, and provides lasting protection against further corrosion.

Now more than ever, we consider time to be an inventory item. It’s all about the ability to offer the best service in a timely manner while keeping costs down. Providing your technicians with quality C-parts has many benefits. For more information on WURTH USA products or services, contact your sales rep or visit

Announcing the WURTH USA March Madness Contest Winners… 0

Posted on April 12, 2011 by admin

WURTH USA is proud to announce this year’s online March Madness Contest Winners:

Toolsystem C7 Rolling Toolcart

Grand Prize Winner/WURTH Tool System C7 Rolling Toolcart

Al Palmer-Palmers Automotive

Boonton, NJ

WURTH US Green Line Products

Second Place Winner/Greenline Sample Kit

Donn Fotta-Bennet Jaguar

Allentown, PA

Garmin Nuvi GPS

Third Place Winner/Garmin Nuvi GPS

Joe Nassimos-Pierce Auto Parts

Bouckville, NY

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Green Certification For Your Auto Shop 0

Posted on April 07, 2011 by admin

Consumers these days are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprints, and many want to do business with shops who are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. In one of our recent posts, 5 Tips Towards a Green Auto Shop, we covered simple ways to become more ecologically friendly. This goes beyond just recycling parts, which is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Other ways a shop can go green include eliminating the use of lead wheel weights, using more efficient lighting, and managing fluids responsibly and efficiently. The easiest way to illustrate to your customers that you run your shop with a green thumb is to become Green-Certified.

Green certification provides customers with an assurance they are dealing with a company that is ecologically responsible in its processes and the products that are used. The Coordinating Committee For Automotive Repair (CCAR) provides a Greenlink Shop recognition program. To earn GreenLink Shop” status, certain environmental, health and safety standards must be met.

There are also many local certification programs that allow auto shop owners to prove that they are meeting ecological standards and best practices, such as the Arizona Green Business Automotive Program, the Los Angeles Green Business Certification Program, and the New Jersey Green Automotive Repair Program. Check with your local government offices to find a program near you.

One of the requirements of green certification is that you use green products. WURTH USA offers a full range of green auto shop products that meet the certification of the EcoLogo program, which is North America’s most respected environmental standard and certification mark.

There is also a wide range of earth-friendly janitorial products including carpet cleaners, degreasers and many other general purpose cleaners available from WURTH USA. These products not only can help the environment, they can also improve your bottom line.

A full list of WURTH USA products can be found here:

Other References and Resources

CCAR Greenlink

Lead Free

WURTH Greenline

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